New Classes starting this summer


Body Awareness Exploratory Movement: Wednesdays. An exploration of embodiment in movement, participate in alignment self assessment, exploration of where your body gets stuck using breath and dynamic movement. This class is geared to individuals interested in postural and movement self assessment as well as self discovery. Incorporates deep core components, flexibility, and physical literacy. $15 GST included/ class.

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Mom & Baby fitness classes: Tuesdays and Saturdays. A full progressive class that builds on pelvic floor rehabilitation, deep core stability, and comprehensive fitness, all this while bonding with your infant. Babes must have head control 3 months + up to a year and be easily carried in a front baby carrier.

$126 GST included for once a week/ $252 GST included for twice a week for 8 weeks. Registration is necessary, spaces are limited.

Please email to register for this progressive class.

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