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Recently I took a course called Power to Parent, which was life changing. It was about more than just parenting, it was about attachment and relationships in general. I would recommend it to anyone working with people, for those looking to deepen their marriages, and continue to grow their relationships with their children.

Power To Parent

Part I: The Vital Connection

(A video course & discussion group facilitated by Laila Presotto)

This eight-session video course has been developed by internationally renowned Developmental Psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld, a best selling and award winning author. His revolutionary yet scientific approach turns parenting right-side up, restoring natural intuition to parenting and putting parents back in the driver’s seat.

In order for parenting to work, children – including teenagers – must be in right relationship to their parents.  Nothing is more crucial or pivotal in parenting than this seldom-recognized or addressed factor. Dr. Neufeld explains the concept of right relationship, providing practical suggestions for parenting children of all ages with attachment in mind.

Some of the many topics addressed include:

dealing with resistance and oppositionality

addressing the roots of aggression

how to keep from losing a child to competing attachments

addressing separation problems and anxieties

raising children who are capable of deep and fulfilling relationships

dealing with children who seek to dominate instead of depend on their parents

disciplining that is attachment-safe and developmentally friendly

Firmly rooted in developmental psychology, this approach is not technique or behavior based, but rather seeks to make sense of children from the inside out to provide insight for those who wish to understand and connect with children of all ages.

For course schedule and more information, please contact:

Laila Presotto at  HYPERLINK “” or call 604 849 0034.

Laila Presotto, M.A. Psych, RCC


Certified Neufeld Course Facilitator