Drop In Classes


We are updating the way we do classes here at the studio. As we continue to grow as people and as wellness practitioners we want to remain authentic to our goals and original intent. As such we are we are continuing our monthly program Wellness Training which includes classes but we are also opening classes to drop in participants. Gym time and classes should support dynamic engaging exercise as an expression of self, adventure, and fun. Physical literacy and sustainable movement for life requires versatility, as such classes can be a compliment and support to unstructed participation in sport and play. IN a small group supervised setting learn to improve your movement, core stability, breathing mechanics and more. Classes are 30 min and scheduled back to back to make a 90 min class if they are attended in succession.
For more information on Wellness Training please click here.



Using a combination of different size and density balls, rollers, straps and stretches this class will provide instruction on how to gain greater range of motion in movement.
It is deal for those just getting back into exercise, injury post rehabilitation and for those looking to release some muscular tension.


This class focusing on core components for stability in movement. Working on deep core and sling training, hip stability, trunk range of motion, shoulder stability, balance and more. This class focuses on the foundations of healthy movement and stability for injury prevention and optimization of performance. Overall it is a great core integrity workout.


Geared to those looking to build strength, power, and agility. With large multi-jointed functional movements this class focuses on conditioning.Using TRXs, traditional strength and power training, plyometrics, and more this class is gear to those looking to increase their physical fitness.