Energy Work


Composed of various energy-based modalities, from reiki to visualization, energy work engages the healing process on an subtle energy level within frameworks based on ancient eastern medicines. All living matter comprises chi, prana, or vital energy. The human body has a subtle energy system though which this life-force flows. Trauma and illness—physical, emotional, mental or spiritual—can be a result of a lack of flow, or can be the very cause of the lack of it, perpetuating dis-ease. Bringing awareness and movement to the energy body can restore balance and allow the body to restore itself innately to health. Such is true wellness that it is an integration of all aspects of the self.
A Reiki treatment involves the application of life force energy—also known as prana or chi—to the subtle body and main energy centers, called chakras. This allows movement and healing on all planes: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Lack of flow or energy blockages manifest as mind-body tension, restriction in movement and disease. By releasing “stuck” movements, thoughts and feelings, Reiki allows you to connect with your true self and thus enjoy a state of balance, happiness and integration.
Treatments—which are performed on a table in the traditional Usui style—are based on non-touch therapy, which complements other modes of healing and is compatible with all religious beliefs. At its most basic, Reiki is a relaxing and rewarding experience, opening the way for introspection and self-discovery.This mode of therapy can be integrated into myofacial release, movement, and other hands on techniques offered by Erica.

Meditation is the practice of fostering awareness. Awareness allows us to more easily navigate our lives. As we become conscious of our thought- and emotional patterns, we foster flexibility of the mind, emotions and spirit, allowing us to grow. Meditation is the practice of simply being, of taking time to explore our inner self.
Guided meditation uses visualization techniques to clear and work with the energy in your body. It is a profoundly relaxing, rewarding and enlightening experience.
Guided meditation uses visualizations to clear and work with the energy within your body. It is a relaxing, rewarding and enlightening experience.