Wellness Training Program


Introducing a new program to guarantee results! Combining private session work with small group classes, Wellness Training helps you develop body and self awareness, healthy movement, a powerful core, strength, and overall health and wellness.
Wellness, health, and fitness are about versatility. It includes good movement, intensity, health breathing dynamics, fluid muscles and a stable core. Ideally this is achieved through a wide range of movements and activities. Gym time and classes should support dynamic engaging exercise as an expression of self, adventure, and fun. Physical literacy and sustainable movement for life requires pain free movement and injury prevention, whilst not sacrificing challenging our bodies, minds, and energy. It is necessary to find the ease in intensity.
Using Kinetic Embodiment — a system that comprises modalities as varied as rehabilitation, personal training, ball rolling, breath work, Reiki, and energy work—we create a personalized combination designed just for you.
You can choose the frequency of training as well as the monthly commitment that best suits your objectives and lifestyle. Whether you’re graduating from physiotherapy rehab, improving your sports performance, or just want to increase your vital energy and quality of life, Wellness Training offers an option for everyone.
Private sessions are tailored to your individual needs. Unlike mass-class gym settings, Violet Quartz Wellness’ new program offers one-on-one time with a highly trained health and fitness professional to assess and address areas of opportunity. Exercises and personalized recommendations on breathing, movement and form can be incorporated into small group classes and solo workouts.
Small group classes provide motivation and a chance to increase your volume of training in a supervised setting, allowing you to further practice the skills and exercises learned in the individual session. Groups consist of no more than five participants to ensure personalization. There are various classes, each 30 minutes in length: Release and Mobilization, Efficient Movement & Stability, and Structure and Strength. Classes are tailored to different levels of progression along the fitness continuum.
Intensive Wellness Training
Ideal for those new to fitness, rehabilitating an injury, looking to improve their movement to reduce the risk of injury, or simply seeking more support in their training and fitness regime.

Four private sessions a month, unlimited class attendance
Regular Wellness Training
For individuals who require ongoing support and guidance towards an established goal. A great transition from Intensive Wellness Training to increasingly self-directed workouts and training.

Two private sessions a month, unlimited class attendance
Maintenance Wellness Training
For those looking for intermittent support as they continue their training and exercise regime. Classes offer affordable access to supervised and directed training with enough personalized attention to continue making progress.

One private session a month, unlimited class attendance