Emerging from radio silence

If you have visited my site lately you might have noticed I haven’t ¬†posted much. In fact since having my second child I took myself away from my online presence to be with my family, and integrate my experiences as a mama of two. Now that my baby is two I feel the desire to begin to emerge. I have been working on many new projects, simmering ideas, testing them out in my classes. Exploring many delightful conversations in person, but now I am ready to put my self out there a little more, connect with the world at large. I hope to post some relevant content to what we are working on in classes, some photos, maybe some short videos… so stay tuned and let’s see how this all turns out along the way.




Parenting Course in Squamish

A very talented psychotherapist, Laila Presotto, is offering two Neufeld parenting courses in the community this October. I have taken both these courses despite not having children yet, and ¬†have seen a huge impact in my relationships both in my work and personally. I highly recommend taking these courses if you have children or are interested in your personal growth. Here are some links with more information and Laila’s contact information:

Power To Parent Part I: The Vital Connection (Part 1 of a 3 part series)

Making Sense of Adolescence