Hello 2012!

Happy New Years to all of you!

A new year is here and new intentions have been set.  Many times we know what we’d like to acheive, yet we don’t always know where or how to begin.

Is it a new fitness regime that you are seeking?  Or would you like to focus a little more on nutrition?  Perhaps you’re interested in giving more attention to your spirit.  Whatever it may be, give us a ring and we can guide you in the direction you wish.

From Personal Training, Rehabilitation, Nutritional Councelling, Excercise Therapy, Energy Healing and Fitness Classes which include Yoga, Stability & Strength, Stretch & Relaxation, and Dance.  Let us design a programme that is personalized to you and your desired outcome.

If you haven’t been by the studio yet then pop so we can show you what we offer.  It is a bright, clean and calm space suited for your personal growth.

Click on the link below to get to know us better!   If you are curious about anything at all, please give us a ring at the studio or contact us on line.  We look forward to connecting with you this year and assisting you in building the lifestyle you desire!


Namaste and all the best in your 2012!


Group Metitation Reminder @ the studio this evening!

Just a quick reminder about the Winter Solstice Group Meditation this evening at Violet Quartz Wellness.

Arrival with tea is at 6:30 with medition beginning promptly at 7pm.  We will be finishing with a 10 minute sound bath.

The previous experience at the Brackendale Art Gallery was powerful.

Everyone is welcome!


We are live!!! Finally operational!

Thank you for your patience as I transitioning to my brand new studio. Unfortunately my ambitious blogging resolution fell to the back burner whilst the transition was happening. However  now that the ball is rolling I am happy to report I am back on track and will be here regularly with tips, tools, and inspiration.

Come by and visit 1241 Village Green Way, Squamish.


Exciting announcement!

This is the first time this year I have gone so long without writing my blog, time to get back at it! I do have a very exciting reason why I have been absent recently…. I am opening a fitness and wellness studio in May!!! Get ready for something unlike anything else is Squamish! I will post more information as the big day approaches.

Stay active!