COVID 19 Procedures

If we are meeting in person:

The day before your session you will be required to answer the prescreening questionnaire.

If you are sick or have any symptoms please contact me to cancel your in person session (you are most welcome to keep your appointment and have it online if you like, just let me know.)

pre-screen questionnaire  

On the day of your session, if you answer yes to any of these questions we can not see each other in person, if so please text me. 604-849-1781

I will be waving my cancellation fee for covid19 related late cancellations.

When arriving please park on the road in front of my home. The gate will be left open for you. 

Before coming into the studio 0r gym please use the hand sanitizer on the door. I will ask you questions about your health status when you come in before we proceed.

Until recommended otherwise I will be wearing a mask, (gloves as well if I am going to touch you). You are welcome to also wear a mask. I will have a small number of masks available for a small fee if you forget yours, and wish to wear one.

After each session I will be full sanitizing and cleaning the studio (removing sheets, covers and towels. Using an approved sanitizing spray to wipe down all surfaces). As such I will have to be very diligent with ending sessions on time so that I can prepare the space for my next client. Likewise I ask that you please do not arrive early for your session, so that I can complete a thorough clean after each person. I am also switching to individual hand drying towels for handwashing. 

I will no longer be accepting cash or cheques. Only e-transfer or credit cards, you can enter your credit card details in your mindbody account and keep it on file if you wish.

If we are meeting online:

Please make sure you have a device with a camera (computer, phone or tablet). You may want to download zoom before your first session.

You will receive an email with a link to join the virtual meeting room before your session starts. 

 If we are doing a movement session make sure you have your equipment handy. It is usually useful to have a mat, some cushions, towels, or blankets, and any other equipment we have used in the past together that you currently have. 

 If we are doing an energy or somatic experiencing session, make sure you have a comfortable place to sit where you are not going to be holding your device. You can also bring whatever resources might support you, like blankets or cushions, tea, or a beloved pet.

Elemental Movement Workshops Coming Soon!

Drawing on several modalities and perspectives to allow greater presence and awareness in embodied form. Learn to make sense of your somatic experience and deepen your relationship to your body, self, and soul. Explore movement, breath, and energy for a nourishing and revitalizing present moment.

With a focus on the importance of rhythm and cycles in daily lives, and through the lens of the 5 elements explore various aspects structures and forms in the body-self in relation to those cycles.

Each elemental class will provide a unique view and experience to which can be incorporated into any existing movement practice or training regime. All bodies welcome. Please email me to register.

What is the purpose

What I love about being out in nature, is how it takes us out of ourselves. Our worries and concerns, the minutiae of life. It allows us to connect to something that is greater than us. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or not, in the expanse of nature it is impossible to not feel connected, because you are! To all that have come before and to all that will come after, but most importantly to all that are living NOW. presence and our being here is vital to well-being.

Price Increase

Effective January 1st 2018 my fee schedule will be changing slightly. I will be increasing my prices for the first time in 3 years, in which time I have had the opportunity to enhance my skill set with many courses. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. To see the updated fee schedule please click here.

Emerging from radio silence

If you have visited my site lately you might have noticed I haven’t  posted much. In fact since having my second child I took myself away from my online presence to be with my family, and integrate my experiences as a mama of two. Now that my baby is two I feel the desire to begin to emerge. I have been working on many new projects, simmering ideas, testing them out in my classes. Exploring many delightful conversations in person, but now I am ready to put my self out there a little more, connect with the world at large. I hope to post some relevant content to what we are working on in classes, some photos, maybe some short videos… so stay tuned and let’s see how this all turns out along the way.