Side Plank on Bench + Rotation

  • Place the inside of your top leg on the bench (the more of your leg is on the bench the easier it will be)
  • Elbow below shoulder in a side plank position
  • Press up into a side plank and lift your bottom leg to the top leg
  • Hold in proper form; do not rotate torso forwards
  • Rotate from the shoulder inwards to switch to the other side
  • Hold

Bridge on Bench 3 ways


  • Start with feet up on chair or box on the edge, arms flat as shown
  • Block under your head
  • Keep knees slightly bent
  • 3 positions; feet together, feet hip width, feet wide


  • Lift hips into a bridge position
  • Use your glut and not your hamstring
  • Spine neutral
  • feet together: squeeze your midline
  • Feet hip width: alignment of leg bone
  • feet wide: abduction, push the knees out but not the feet

Seesaw Plank

  • Place you elbows below your shoulders
  • Push up into a plank
  • Shift your weight forwards out of your center into your arms
  • Bring you chest towards the floor
  • Press back to your starting position
  • Do not lose your stability through your neck, shoulders and low back

Elemental Movement Workshops Coming Soon!

Drawing on several modalities and perspectives to allow greater presence and awareness in embodied form. Learn to make sense of your somatic experience and deepen your relationship to your body, self, and soul. Explore movement, breath, and energy for a nourishing and revitalizing present moment.

With a focus on the importance of rhythm and cycles in daily lives, and through the lens of the 5 elements explore various aspects structures and forms in the body-self in relation to those cycles.

Each elemental class will provide a unique view and experience to which can be incorporated into any existing movement practice or training regime. All bodies welcome. Please email me to register.