Kinesiology & Personal Training & Exercise Therapy


Wellness, health, and fitness are about versatility. It includes good movement, intensity, healthy breathing dynamics, fluid muscles and a stable core. Ideally this is achieved through a wide range of movements and activities. Gym time and classes should support dynamic engaging exercise as an expression of self, adventure, and fun. Physical literacy and sustainable movement for life requires pain free movement and injury prevention, whilst not sacrificing challenging our bodies, minds, and energy. It is necessary to find the ease in intensity. 
Personal training and exercise therapy sessions are 55 minutes in length. Strength training, functional movement, range of motion, flexibly, agility, balance, and cardiovascular exercises are demonstrated and supervised based on your individual needs and objectives.
Using her extensive knowledge of exercise physiology, biomechanics and training methodology, Erica creates programs and supports clients in achieving their health and fitness goals—from weight loss, injury post-rehabilitation or building functional strength to training for a specific event. Erica takes into account your objectives, injuries, muscular imbalances, preferred activities and past exercise experience to create the optimal comprehensive training program for you. She specializes in injury post-rehabilitation, chronic-disease exercise management, deep core training, body-mind connection, and Kinetic Embodiment TM.Working with Erica, you will learn to understand your body and the many ways in which it is affected by exercise. Together, you’ll establish proper motor-learning patterns to ensure you move correctly and avoid creating or aggravating imbalances or injuries. However, kinesiology is about more than training the body—it’s also about uncovering the connection between mind, body and spirit, allowing you to maximize your potential. Erica provides guidance for true wellness.Erica believes everyone needs to be empowered and supported. That’s why she offers sessions by the hour as well as programs that clients can implement on their own, with a comprehensive personalized instructional exercise prescription. As a certified kinesiologist, Erica’s services are covered by some extended health plans.CSEP is a Network Member of ACSM’s campaign and is committed to supporting these guiding principles of Exercise is Medicine™


If booking any Kinesiology services for the first time please book a General Assessment first.


GENERAL ASSESSMENT sessions are 45 min in duration and are intake sessions where we assess your level of fitness gather health and injury related information to give you a realistic picture of where you are in relation to your goal and give you recommendations on how to proceed.
Kinetic Embodiment
Comprised of movement, exercise,
breath-work, meditation, visualization,
and energy work developed by Erica to
increase the flow of vital energy and
integration of the body-mind. Accesses
and releaserestricted joints, pain, trapped
trauma, limiting beliefs, opens the heart
and mind to the possibility of integrating
into your full potential.
Erica is continutely seeking to augment
her level of service, as such she persues
yearly courses. Please click here to see
Wellness Training
Can be used in conjunction with personal
training. Groups are no larger than 4
people to ensure personalization. Classes
run 30 min and have differnt focuses;
Release and Mobilization, Efficient
Movement & Stability, Structure and
Strength all geared to different levels
of progression along the
fitness continuum.