Group Metitation Reminder @ the studio this evening!

Just a quick reminder about the Winter Solstice Group Meditation this evening at Violet Quartz Wellness.

Arrival with tea is at 6:30 with medition beginning promptly at 7pm.  We will be finishing with a 10 minute sound bath.

The previous experience at the Brackendale Art Gallery was powerful.

Everyone is welcome!


Stretching and meditation

Yesterday I wrote about all the components of fitness, but today I wanted to further emphasize the importance of stretching. When we stretch our bodies we invite relaxation, not only in the body but also the mind. Those who come to my stretch class know that by the end of the class the mind is quieter, thoughts are more calm, and your body feels great! In a gym setting you will see people stretch 10-15 seconds, muscle their way into it, but he reality is that a stressed out muscle can not relax therefore can not stretch. Comparatively a stressed out mind can not relax and therefore can not expand and grow.

Stretching the body allows you to be present within it, check in with yourself if you will. Expanding the mind offers the opportunity to explore yourself. The next time you are in a yoga or stretch class, relax. Do not force it, just be, and see where your flexibility of body, and openness of mind takes you.

Happy stretching.