Bringing in a new year …welcome 2012!

This is the last weekday of this year.  And it’s a Friday, so we are heading into the last weekend of the year!

Yesterday was about looking back with an attitude of gratitude on all that had transpired over the last year.  Today, let us take a look at bringing in a new year, 2012.

A new year is about fresh starts and new beginnings.  ‘Out with the old and in with the new!”  We’ve all gone through making resolutions and watching some of them blow away in the wind.  Well, what if we looked at those resolutions in a different light.  What if instead of making resolutions we set intentions.  I find that setting an intention has much more power behind it and it has been shown that intentions have a greater tendancy to manifest.

Also, go into your new year as if you have already achieved your intentions.  Be prepared for those things that you wish to see happen and you will roll into the new year with open arms!

It all comes down to belief and the power it holds.  Looking back on life, I do know that I did achieve all things that I ‘knew’ would happen.

“And what if I ‘fall off the wagon?” you may ask.  The beauty of it is, is that you can have at it again.  There is the opportunity to begin again in each and every moment.   You can always have yet another go at it!

So whatever your intentions, resolutions, desires and ideas are for the 2012, know that even slight movements daily towards your goals is movement.  As you’ve heard said. It’s like stearing a ship.  Small changes in the direction of that ship will make that ship end up at a totally different destination.

Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it best.  “Act as though you already have it.”  A powerful book of his that can guide you with intentions is “The Power of Intention”.   I absolutely love the clarity he brings to the simple power of belief.

So to all of you and yours, we wish you all the best for the coming year.  May 2012 be your best year to date and may you achieve all that you truly desire.

Happy New Year!!!