Dear Erica, After the past weeks of our harsh winter like no other, I must tell you I was constantly thinking of you. I never realized how much I need to give you credit and supreme thanks for my confident active life. Remember, a year ago I was living with pain and being very careful of every move my body made. Thank you for  your profession and your love of learning and love to continuously learn. Every moment I spent under your guidance, you gave me total focus so my body could heal and strengthen. From me, a retired career teacher, you are beyond a highly skilled and competent teacher. Did Kinesiology classes teach you that? I walked the icy sidewalks engaging my core and planting my feet! My toes and feet don’t look the same. Crinkled grabbing toes, wide balls of feet and strong core. Just from planting my foot properly! Buckets of thanks for that! Before closing, I must say, I love your respect for the various health professionals in Squamish and your knowledge and willingness to suggest another avid professional who would also help me to regain my life.

Sincerely, Lois Lees 2017

I joined Violet Quartz Wellness to help heal my core post partum and received so much more than physical strength. Erica has so many tools she can use to tune into and correct what might be causing a problem. I especially loved how she could point to an area on my body as I walked through the door saying, “What’s going on here?”, and proceed to relate how challenges in your life may manifest as physical problems. She asks you to let her lead the way even if it’s not what you thought you were signing up for – and it is SO worth it. Something pointed you in her direction and you could probably use it! I think often of the happy, healing, and enlightening times had with the cozy community at VQ.

-Maureen Splinter 2016

During a flight home from Spain last summer, I twisted my knee. Twisted it very badly. So badly I couldn’t move out of my seat for 10 hours. So badly I had to be put in a wheelchair to get off the plane. So badly I had to be put in one of those slow moving golf carts that beeps as it moves down the airport concourse. I thought my knee would never be the same again. I was wrong. With love, support and guidance from the-one-and-only Erica Otto, my knee healed. With her I laughed, I cried, I even screamed. She is a diviner. She is able to get to the root of a problem very quickly and help you solve it. I don’t know how she does it, but she does. My knee is as good as ever. Nothing slows me down. Thank you, Erica. Thank you for everything.

-Nancy Sotham 2015

I came to Violet Quartz Wellness to improve my running, as I felt I had reached a plateau. Within 1 hour Erica Otto had not only analyzed my body 100% accurately, but also my personality and my tendencies. What a body can apparently tell someone! Erica knew me in-and-out better than some friends, in a very comforting way. This created an intimate bond right away, which has proven to be extremely helpful. She worked on me in private sessions, gave me home work to correct me further, her small group classes helped these assignments perfectly, and better yet she has also been a great help to come back to the original Rosie internally and let go of what no longer served me. On top of specific work outs and stretches, Erica has given me energy treatments to settle some imbalances. These energy treatments haven proven to be priceless for me.

I became so interested in her energy work that I did my Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 with Erica, and I hope to do the Reiki Advanced course in the spring. These courses have been an eye-opener and such a help for my personal health and wellness, and I love sharing it with others, too.

Oh, and her yoga classes rock! Small groups mean she customizes each class to the vibe of the group and the needs of each attendee.

The bottom line? I highly recommend Erica and Violet Quartz Wellness to anyone with a listening ear. She is absolutely amazing!

– Roise van der Heiden 2015

Erica taught a group of us Reiki 1 and it was a very eye-opening experience! I learned more than I expected. This program is highly recommended for anyone interested in reiki, energy, or healing. On another note, Erica is incredibly intuitive, wise and knowledgeable. I have had healing sessions with her that were life changing which brought me to learn more about the power of reiki.

-Cinsi Csere 2015

When I came to the Reiki Level 1 workshop I was curious, and ready to learn. I left with my eyes wide open, seeing the world from a new point of view. Through Erica’s teachings, understanding and instinct to run with what is brought to the table, the time flew by. Erica hears so much more than what is said. She has genuine compassion and knowledge of the spiritual and physical body.

-Adriana 2015

Erica has a compassionate and professional approach to new moms, health and fitness. Drawing from her own experiences Erica is able to lead a group of women while customizing each individual’s workout. A wealth of knowledge about the body, post partum recovery and exercises, Erica is the best instructor I’ve ever had.

-Jane Clark 2014

I started working with Erica about a year and a half ago after spending years seeking out professionals to help me reduce my lower back pain and fix my misalignment. Right away she helped me discover the root causes of my problems, which was my lack of use of my deep core and improper movements. She has taught me the body awareness I need to cue myself to move in a way that supports and strengthens my body instead of causing it pain. I no longer need to rely on other paramedicals for a temporary fix. Erica is a highly gifted kinesiologist and healer who has helped me connect to my body again. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking long-term strength and wellness.

-Lisa Princic, 2014

Motivation. That was what I needed, I was sure of it. I had gained weight and was having trouble loosing it. This was new to me, I am a fit and energetic person. I am self-motivated and a self-starter, so what was my problem? I had had some enormously stressful events one after the other, and life was just getting busier. Like everyone I know. So, it was time to have someone other than myself motivate me. Some friends recommended Erica, they had wonderful things to say about her, I was so excited to meet her. Come the day, I felt anxious and deflated… Not the same as the person described above right? Erica’s love for her craft and enthusiasm for helping others settled me right away, and then she got to work. Erica’s bright charm and empathetic knowing had me quickly telling her all my stresses. Erica explained that emotions can cause energetic blocks in our bodies. Within minutes, Erica was helping me release my blocked emotions. By the time my session was over, I felt lighter! Now, my scale didn’t change immediately, but my energy did. We scheduled my next session immediately. After releasing some more energetic blocks Erica began to prescribe my exercises. The combination of the energetic work and the physical activities helped me reclaim my self, my own motivation, my own desire to start being fit again. My body was feeling younger than it had in years, more flexible and less tense. I feel the key was the unblocking of the stress, the meta-physical work that Erica did. Without that release, I would not have had any follow through on the exercises prescribed. Thanks Erica!

-Anonymous, 2014

In 2009 I suffered some major medical issues. A a result I was inactive for three years. I was overweight, had no strength or energy. Erica was recommended by a friend. She did and assessment and developed a program tailored to my situation. The program is adjusted regularly to stay challenging and fit my body as it changes. We have fun, she has an unlimited knowledge of complete wellness. I’ve been a client since July of 2012 twice week. By body strength has returned, my weight and body fat have been reduced substantially. I look forwards to my workouts and recommend Erica to anyone who wants to change their personal fitness and wellness.

-Ken Conrad 2014

Erica’s high intelligence of the mind, body and soul has given me the tools to open up my own heart and find my true spirit. Through Erica’s gentle approaches to healing I’ve been able to make a mind-body connection, and by practicing this connection it has thrived my life in many areas. When visiting the studio I’m always leaving balanced and prepared to gently conquering life’s barriers and goals. With Erica you are not only gaining physical health but also building a mental foundation about living a wholehearted healthy life. Working with Erica has truly been a blessing in learning to unleash my creative self, listening to my inner voice, and creating a happy life balance. In this soul-searching process I was also able to loose over a healthy 30 pounds…

-Jaimee Manhger 2014

As a personal trainer, Erica is able to adapt exercises to fit what the individual person needs to be fit in a group or private setting. Even more importantly, she can help rehabilitate parts of the body that are sore or stressed. Aside from the physical program, she has a vast wealth of up to date information on nutrition, body mechanics and general mental well being for people of all ages. Erica is ALWAYS positive, encouraging, non judgmental and supportive. She wants her clients to see results from their exercises and spurs you on to greater accomplishments and triumphs in each class. I can notice a huge difference in my core strength and muscle tone since working with Erica. Working out with Erica is emotionally and physically uplifting, (pun intended).

– Donna Watson 2010

I am a 62 year old daycare provider. I need energy and strength in my 10 hour days. Erica has been my trainer for a year and a half . Erica challenges my body with new exercises. I might not be able to do them that day but practice makes YA I did it. Challenging as the TRX is I must admit it is enjoyable. My body is getting stronger, lost some tummy fat as well as a few pounds. My biceps are small avocado’s at the moment . but I am sure in six months from now I’ll have what Erica call pipes. Erica gives a presence that you feel good being around, along with knowledge. Kindness and humour to my sessions. Erica has worked so hard in the time that she has spent in Squamish. Erica’s business will be very successful because that is what Erica is all about.

Wishing you the best and thank you Erica for being there for me.

– Marylyn Jones 2010

Dear Erica,

My experience with you in the past few months was beyond expectation, simple you made me know myself and my physical ability more than I have ever known myself.

Erica you are a saint, a monk, a master in your field a true human being dedicated to others more than I have ever seen.

Your way in training are unique as you, I had personal trainers before, and tell you the truth no one except you listened closely not only for what I said but listened closer to my body and physical abilities to direct it in a flawless way toward its best performance.

To me what was done and achieved in the past few months was more like a mission impossible I raised the bar high to myself, but you showed me that the sky is the limit.

Thank you sincerely Erica for your time, effort, and your priceless advices that guided me and shall stay with me all the way.

I am looking forward for my next training classes with you.

-Ozzy Awor, 2010

I came to Erica as a frustrated active woman. Frustrated because no matter what I did, nothing physically seemed to change. It didn’t seem to matter the frequency or intensity of my workouts, the lumps and bumps were still in all of the wrong places.

After assessing my goals and objectives, Erica put me to work. The sessions together were intense and consistent. Quickly, I began to see changes in energy, movement and strength. I was on my way….

Then, in early 2010, I suffered two severe injuries that stopped my dead in my tracks. On crutches, in casts, and with only one good foot and one good hand, Erica modified my workouts, to keep me moving forward while I healed. While keeping me from injuring myself further, Erica engineered a rehabilitative program that enabled me to push the healthy parts while healing the injured. In doing this, she helped me keep my goals in view.

Erica’s holistic approach wellness transcends any health and wellness practitioner I have ever worked with. Her ability to adapt to her clients specific needs is unparalleled. I highly recommend Erica for anyone, at any level of physical ability, fitness level or life stage.

-Carlee, 2010

An effective Personal Trainer makes authentic connections with each of her clients and understands exactly how to push those clients to a higher level of health and happiness.

It was through my connection with Erica that I have achieved a level of fitness and positive sense of self that I never thought possible. I am highly motivated by not only her fitness instruction, but also her remarkable energy and wisdom. I would without hesitation recommend Erica Otto as a Fitness Instructor/Trainer to all people.

-Kelly, 2010

I have been going to Erica for 6 months now and the results are wonderful, I feel so much better about myself, my confidence and self esteem has been improved dramatically. I really enjoy seeing Erica each week, we have a fun time together (although it is hard work)

Erica’s passion and knowledge far surpasses anyone that I have seen in this field.

Thank you so much Erica, I am so happy I found you and so is my Husband:).

-Julie Lutz, 2009

I highly recommend Erica Otto’s personal training services. Through Erica’s personal training she assessed my weak points and focussed our sessions to improve them, while also working on strengthening the rest of my muscle groups. During our sessions she has provided great insight and advice on how to pursue healthy physical development. I also recommend her motivational and nutritional counseling which has helped me to work towards a healthy life style.

– Kievan Blackwell, 2009

Erica was instrumental in helping me reach my fitness goals.

In early April, 2009, I approached Erica about setting up a training program for me. In 2008, I rode the Test of Metal in 3 hours and 31 minutes, this year, I wanted to ride it in under 3 hours. Erica prepared a mountain biking specific, comprehensive program focusing on strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

It was easy and a pleasure to follow this program.

I was extremely happy and proud to have come to the finish of the Test of Metal 2009 in 2hours 58minutes. Thanks Erica!

-Tony Bachler, 2009

In 2007, I was in very good physical shape and was living a healthy, active lifestyle. I went to the gym regularly and enjoyed going on long walks or hikes with my friend and our dogs. I have a very large landscaped yard; approximately an acre in size, that I spent a minimum of two hours daily working on it, some of that work was quite heavy.

Then I was a victim in an accident that I thought was going to take my life, suffering as a result, severe mental, emotional and physical trauma. The bruising eventually faded,leaving permanent discoloring. However it is now 2009, over a year and a half later and I am still battling the lingering mental, emotional and physical scars of that horrifying day.

In my case, all my mental, emotional and physical issues got all tangled and twisted together. They grew tighter and tighter until there was no way out and everything came crashing down. It has been a long, hard fight to try and shed the fear, regain my faith in others and once again have a healthy body.

I have spent a lot of time seeking help for all these issues. I have met some wonderful professionals that, without their support, skill and knowledge,I might not be at a point where I am starting to feel that I will win this battle. However, the fear that I have been unable to shed was still controlling a lot of thing in my life and was not allowing me to move forward. I was finding this fear crippling everything in my life, until I forced myself through the gym door and met Erica Otto.

Erica had something that I needed at that precise moment to allow me to take a chance at truly trusting and enjoying people again. There was sincerity, calmness and strength in her reassuring manner that immediately slowed down my racing heart. As we began working together I was amazed with not only her personal training skills but her natural ability to be in tune with how I was feeling during each session. Erica has stayed in touch with my Physiotherapist and has come up with many alternate ways of doing some exercises so as not to irritate problem areas. I still have things to work through before I will have my physical and emotional well-being back, but I am ever more confident, thanks to Erica, her skills and abilities, that I will once more have my life back, as it was before.

-Current Client, 2009

I have been training with Erica Otto for the past 3 months. I initially sought out Erica’s expertise due to concerns about my weight and energy level. Erica was able to organize a well-structured training program tailored to my needs and schedule. I have seen marked improvement in terms of strength, flexibility, body fat composition and energy level.

Erica is always well-prepared, adjusts my program when needed and provides excellent instruction and encouragement during my work-outs. She is very professional and thorough in her approach while at the same time creating an enjoyable, fun atmosphere for our sessions.

I would suggest that Erica’s quiet determination and expertise, tempered with a nice hint of humour is the best possible incentive to anybody wishing to improve their physical fitness, enjoy working at it and seeing the results.

-Ron Drewry, 2009

Erica is the best thing that has ever happened to my fitness program. The workout program she designed for me exceeded my expectation and continues to challenge me week after week. As an instructor, Erica excels. She motivates participants to do their personal best- whatever their age or fitness level. Her enthusiasm makes all the hard work and sweat truly fun. It’s her secret weapon! I love that she expects my best effort. I am getting stronger and fitter as a result. She just inspires me!

– Linda Ringrose, 2009

It has been approximately six weeks that I have been training with a personal program put together by Erica. To-date I have felt a significant improvement in my cardio fitness and great results in muscular strength. In addition to the personal programs, I find the cardio classes compliment the entire workout.

– Juliane Knoll, 2009

Erica Otto is a very knowledgeable and dedicated Wellness Coach who takes a holistic approach to the well being of her clients. Her nutrition course has made a big difference to me as well as my entire family. We are aware of the right choices and have experienced a great impact on our energy levels. She has educated me on my specific needs as a vegetarian and provided me with a complete understanding of all aspects of our nutrition planning. Thanks for making us feel and look great!

I have also been fortunate to experience her Reiki treatments, something I was initially very sceptic about. However, Reiki is an incredible treatment that leaves you feeling calm, focused and grounded. Erica’s compassion and caring personality as well as her expertise make her the only choice for this experience. The investment is well worth it!

-Conny Millard, 2009

I love my program! My fitness and strength levels have increased at the same time as my body measurements have decreased. In two short months I have lost 1″ off my bust, 2″ from my waist, and 1″ off my hips – my particular target area was my waist ~ I am very pleased with the results of your program. As mentioned, my fitness level has increased along with my body tone. Thank you for your expertise and for your ongoing encouragement.

-Jeannine Bradshaw, 2009

The Nutrition Course Erica taught me was the REAL answer to all the questions, concerns and frustrations I had around reaching a healthy weight. I learned so much from her that was life changing. Everything she taught me has help me to understand what it really means to take off the excess weight and keep my body healthy for my lifetime. I have tons of energy, I eat well and I still enjoy all the yummy things I’ve always loved AND I’ve lost more that 15 lbs in only a few months. Erica is fantastic, I could not have done this without her!

-Karen Olsson, 2008

Erica is an inspirational instructor because she lives and breathes everything she teaches. Conveying it to others has become second nature.

– Jessica Zormann, 2008