Power of language

As some of you may already know I have been perusing the web to find great personal training quote to share and inspire you all as you sweat  away. In the procress I found a variety of ‘common sayings’ which personal trainers use; and to my amusement I have also occasionally thrown some of them out there. Here is a sample:

The proverbial “we”, as in we are going to do……

This is going to be fun!

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Can’t means won’t, and won’t means push-ups.  (I may start using this one)

The interesting thing was that it brought my attention to the phrases I use the most during my sessions, and I realized my catch phrase if you will would be “oh, this is one of my favorite exercises”, which really struck home the fact that I love to move, and be active. This lead me to examine my catch phrases in other areas of my life, and the language I use to speak to myself. I found that sometimes I was really negative when it came to talking to me and the way I perceived my world. All this to say, your reoccurring thoughts give you insight into how you really are and how you really feel. be careful what you tell yourself because it will become your reality if you say it to yourself enough. If you find your self saying I am tired, all of the time, you will become tired. So the next time you go to say or think to yourself negatively, STOP yourself, and choose your language carefully. Through language we define our perceptions, and our perceptions are how we experience the world.


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