Hip hinge

The hip hinge is a vital part of functional movement. So often our SI joints and stuck, pelvic floors too tight to allow it to move in a way that will not impact the low back. To practice this every time you sit think of reaching your hips behind you by opening your sit bones away from your tail bone. Keep you weight in your heels and when you can not hinge nay further then bend you knees. Try this when sitting down at your desk, or the kitchen table. Any time you need to sit down 🙂

Exercise of the Week

Partial Squat- Band at knees

Muscles worked: core and lower body

Purpose: strength and stability

Form: Stand with your back against wall, feet slightly away from the wall

Band is around knees

Perform a squatting motion, sliding down the wall

Rise up, straightening at the hip

Repeat and Enjoy!


Erica’s Education Background

Reiki Master Certificate 2004

Diploma General Sciences Sheridan College- Graduated with honours 2004

BA Kinesiology and health sciences York University – Graduated Magna Cum Laude 2008

CSEP Conference 2009

Muscles imbalance testing and movement pattern assessment course 2010 (8 hours)

Corrective exercise training for injury management and economy of movement course 2010 (8 hours)

Consistency and effectiveness in Rehabilitation and general exercise prescription: back, lower extremities, neck, and upper extremities course 2010 (16 hours)

Twist conditioning TRX workshop 2010 (3 hours)

Essentrics Training level 1 instructor 2011 (3 hours)

CSEP professional day 2011 (3 hours)

CSEP Exercise physiologist prep course 2011 (60 hours)

Integral Anatomy Intensive 2012 (7 hours)

Yamuna Body Rolling Phase 1 2012 (18 hours)

Functional Assessment of the Spine 2012 (18 hours)

Exploring the Breathing Body in Yoga 2012 (3 hours)

Stewart McGill’s Building the Ultimate Back 2013

Exercise of the week

Shoulder Flexion Bilateral (wall)

Muscles worked: upper body

Purpose: strength & stability

Form: Stand with hands resting, palms down, on a wall

Slide hands up the wall until elbows are straight (or as far as you can)

Lift one hand away from the wall, then return position, switch arms and repeat