Ab extension

  • On your back
  • Legs to 90 degrees
  • Pull abs in (hold your pee muscles)
  • Lift hips up slightly
  • Extend legs and arms without losing core alignment

Adductor Squat

  • Place feet wide, legs turned out
  • Bend knees and squeeze glutes
  • Pull inner thighs together to active adductors and you press up
  • Do not lock your knees

Anti-rotation plank

  • In a plank position ( Hands below shoulders)
  • Hold firm through your core
  • Shift your weight and bring hand to opposite shoulder one arm at a time without twisting
  • Maintain alignment of core  (hips, torso, head) throughout movement

Adductor stretch long

  • Legs wide
  • Move for the pelvis not your low back

Adductor Strengthening

  • Sitting on your hips, soles of the feet together
  • Weight s on your knees
  • Press knees up with control
  • Stand arm distance from the wall, arm extended.
  • Press in to a ball keeping your body square.
  • Draw the alphabet with the ball.


Bar Row

  • Hold bar wider than shoulder width apart
  • Legs and body plank straight belly up
  • Pull your chest to the bar by using your lats and shoulder blades
  • Do not lead with your chin


  • Hands over chest, below rib cage, over navel
  • Breath into you hands to stretch the diaphragm (you will feel a quiver)

Bent over Row Dumbbells (different than photo)


  • Hold dumbbell, hands shoulder width apart, palms facing each other
  • Lean forward, bending from the hips keeping back straight


  • Row shoulder girdle back, keeping elbows close to your sides
  • Return to start position in a slow and controlled fashion
  • Make sure your arm is in the angle of your torso

Bench Press

  • On flat bench
  • Press bar up from the chest (inline with your nipples)
  • Slowly lower the bar down and repeat
  • Keep core active

Bent over row-single arm

  • In squat position weight in one hand
  • Row weight up in good form, shoulder stabilized weight to chest
  • Other hand on hip

Back extension


  • Lie on stomach, hands beside your shoulders


  • Lift head and neck off the floor
  • Without contracting the lower body extend the thoracic spine
  • Small movement
  • Keep TA on

Back extension hands by ears

  • On your stomach
  • Hands by your ears
  • Tops of the feet press into the floor
  • Lift upper body off the mat pulling your shoulder blades together

Biceps bilateral curl on ball

  • Sitting on ball and rolling down so low back is curved around ball
  • Elbows resting on ball, feet pressing into the ball
  • Keep shoulders stabilized and curl hand towards shoulder without lifting elbows off the ball

Ball wall push up

  • Place ball again the wall
  • Kneel in a plank position
  • Bend your elbow bring your chest to the ball
  • Press back up
Birddog alt movement arms leg


  • Start on hands and knees
  • Hands below shoulders, knees below hips
  • Neutral spine core active


  • Lift the leg a few inches off the ground, by sliding foot along the floor
  • Keep hips neutral
  • Lift one hand a few inches off the ground thumb up
  • Use shoulder blade without rotating ribs

Bridge Rotation

  • On your back
  • In a bridge like before
  • Ribs down
  • Drop on hip and use TA to pull hips back to centre
Ball stretch
Gently roll yourself over the ball, head supported, arms over head.



Calf noodle stretch

  • A noodles under the feet
  • A noodles in the crook of your knees
  • Hips to heels as you apply pressure to the calves and hamstrings

Chin Up

  • Hands shoulder width apart palms facing you
  • Bend knees, activate core
  • Pull chest to the bar using back and biceps

Cable Shoulder press

  • Cables at lowest setting by the floor
  • Sitting on bench back upright facing away from machine
  • Keep back against bench and press cable up with control
Chest pree + bridge on ball
  • Roll out on ball so that head and neck are supported
  • Feet below the knees hands in line with nipple line
  • Drop hips slightly as your arms come down
  • Press hips up as you press arms up
  • Keep core active

Cable Squat

  • Cable at lowest position near the floor
  • Two handles on attachment
  • Pull hands to chest
  • Bend hips back and push the feet into the floor to straighten up

Cable biceps Curl

  • Cable at lowest position near the floor
  • Two handles on attachment
  • Keep elbow below shoulders and you curl your hand towards your shoulder

Cable Triceps pull down (rope)

  • Cable at highest position with rope attachment
  • Stand as close to the machine as possible
  • Keep elbow below shoulder
  • Extend elbow all the way

Cable Lat Pull Down

  • Sitting on bench ( in the middle) facing the machine
  • Cable at highest position with handles on both sides
  • Pull elbows into your sides as you squeeze your shoulder blades together

Chest press on couch

  • Hands on couch
  • Leg straight out behind you in a plank position
  • Bend elbows to bring chest to couch
  • Press back up with control


Double crunch

  • Hands squeezed to ears
  • Pull belly down, tighten your pelvic floor
  • Legs to 90 degrees
  • Crunch knees to elbows as you exhale


Crunch your elbows to your knee, and vise versa without pulling on your neck


Deadlift + bend over row

  • Feet hip width apart
  • Hinge at the hip with straight legs ( not knees not locked)
  • In a table top position row the shoulder blades together
  • Keep head inline with your spine
  • Extend arms and push hips forward to return to standing position


Essentric Arm combo Rows

  • Stand feet hips width apart
  • Pull arms apart, elbow coming back, but bent
  • At the end of your shoulder range extend/ straighten elbow and pulse shoulder blades together


Glute Frog

  • On your stomach
  • Heels pressed into one another
  • Keep hips extended
  • Squeeze both for 10 reps
  • Squeeze left 5 reps
  • Squeeze right 14 reps

Glute med balance

  • In a quarter squat position
  • Keep hips stable and square
  • Shift your weight side to side, leg to leg without twisting or dropping hips

Glute Wall Squat

  • Stand with ball at the level of your bra strap again the wall
  • Weight in your heels
  • Feet hip width apart
  • Reach hips towards the wall as you roll the ball up your back in to a squat
  • Spread sit bones
  • Keep your deep core on
  • You should feel it in your hips

Glute Med at wall

  • Press ball into the wall at hip height
  • Stand on your outside leg directly below hip
  • Weigh in heels
  • Using glute to push the ball up, roll up the wall
  • Do not compensate in the obliques: keep ribs centered over your hips
  • Come back down in a controlled manner


Hanging Knee tucks

  • From pull up bar hang hand shoulder width apart
  • Shoulders stabilized
  • Bend knees
  • Pull the knees up by curling the pelvis up
  • Avoid swinging and pulling the knees in from the hip flexors

Head support

  • On your back, hand supporting head
  • Keep chin tucked and decrease the amount of support the hand provides for the head
  • Activate deep neck extensors.

Hamstring curl prone with band

  • On your stomach tubing around ankle.
  • Keep pelvis tucked under as you anchor tubing under a weight or held by an other person.
  • Flex your foot back and pull your heel to your butt with control
  • Move slowly within your range.
Hamstring ball balance


  • Lie on back, feet up on ball, leg straight
  • Arms straight out


  • Lift hips a few inches off floor
  • Maintain plank like position by activating deep core
  • Hold, then slowly return hips to the floor



    • Squeeze cushion between inner thighs
    • Legs to 90 degrees
    • “hold you pee muscles”, pelvic floor active
    • Relax your neck and head
    • Slight lift up through your pelvis
  • Rock side to side in a small movement without letting you back arch out of neutral.
Inner line mod
  • Lift one leg at at time
  • Legs to 90 degrees
  • “hold you pee muscles”, pelvic floor active do not rotate through pelvis
  • Squeeze cushion between inner thighs
  • Relax your neck and head
  • Slight lift up through your pelvis

Isolated Biceps Curl

  • Either using the back of bench or the or an isolated biceps burl bench
  • Rest back of arm on the bench without collapsing the shoulder into the bench
  • Palm up curl from elbow keeping shoulder stabilized

Inverse Row

  • On flat bench
  • Press bar up from the chest (inline with our nipples)
  • Slowly lower the bar down and repeat
  • Keep core active

Isometric Glute med

  • On your side, bottom leg bent top leg straight.
  • Extend top leg behind you but keep hip stack forward.
  • Lift leg up and press foot into the underside of a bench or table.
  • Hold.
  • Keep alignment to keep muscles action in glute med.


Kapatabali breathing

  • Sitting comfortably
  • Inhale a deep breath
  • Snap the diaphragm up and in quickly with force for a short exhale
  • Relax diaphragm to allow air to rush into lungs


Pull up to exhale do not push down


Increase speed and duration over time


Lunge + biceps curl

  • In a lunging position
  • Extend knees as you curl at the elbow
  • Keep the weight in the heels and knees turned out
  • Make sure that your feet are wide enough apart to balance

Low trap on Ball W


  • Start on all fours on an exercise ball


  • Pull shoulder blades back and down
  • At the same time, lift both arms straight out in front
  • Pull elbows toward your midline squeezing your shoulder blades
  • Extend and return to start position

Leg extension

  • On your back both legs straight
  • Bend one knee and pull into your chest
  • Extend the leg until straight
  • With control lower to the ground

Leg press with band

  • On your back one knee bent
  • Bend one knee and pull into your chest tubing around your heel
  • Extend the leg until straight

Leg Lifts on Foam Roller

  • Lying on your back on the foam roller
  • Knees bent, feet on the floor
  • Arms by your sides for support
  • Activate pelvic floor and deep core (Anus to pubic bone and “hold your pee” muscles)


  • Lift one leg at a time without letting the pelvis move


Progression: Cross arms over chest

Leg lift prone


  • Lie flat on your stomach.
  • Have your arms overhead but resting


  • Gently tighten core and buttocks.
  • Lift leg slightly off the floor
  • Relax.  Alternate sides
  • Think of pulling your leg bone towards your spine
  • REMEMBER your pelvic floor


Leg Lowers

    • On your back, legs to 90 degrees
    • Engage core and keep neutral spine by pulling pelvis up slightly
    • Lower one leg at a time only as far as your can maintain core alignment


Mini crunches

  • On your back neck supported, legs extended
  • Lift torso, hold your pee muscles, pelvic floor pulled up
  • Crunch up without letting abs go in between
  • Pulse for 10 and bend one knee
  • Then the other
  • Lift the foot off the ground to 90 degrees
  • Then the other
  • Extend both legs


Neck extension


  • Look at the floor
  • Pull head back one vertebra at a time
  • Tuck chin like  you are nodding ‘yes’
  • Draw your chin closer to the back of your throat
  • Think of lengthening the back of the head away from the neck

Neck extension with resistance

  • Holding tubing with one hand behind head, band crossing over the top of your head
  • Pulling on the band with the opposite hand or attaching it to a door knob
  • With controlled movements extended the neck and head to a neutral position
  • Ensure you are using the muscles at the back of your neck




One Leg Bridge

  • Place ball in your hip crease and hold by pulling knee in
  • Other foot knee above heel
  • Active core and press the floor away from you.
  • Watch that your hips stay square and you are not twisting through your middle

Oblique ROM

  • Sitting cross legged (alternate top leg side to side)
  • Without lifting knees
  • Slide arm to the side other arm over head
  • Use obliques to stabilize
  • Move side to side with control
One leg squat with support


  • Start feet together
  • Shift your weight into one foot
  • Hold on to a counter


  • Begin to squat with one leg by bending at the hip and knee
  • Keep weight in your heel
  • Press the floor away from you
  • Return by straightening at the hip



  • Hands below shoulders
  • Heels press back
  • Shoulders together
  • Ribs to hips
  • Stay lifted
  • Core tight

Plank Lat Row

  • In a plank position ( Hands below shoulders)
  • Hold firm through your core
  • Shift your weight and row one arm at a time without twisting
  • Maintain alignment of core  (hips, torso, head) throughout movement

Plank Knees In

  • Hands below the shoulders
  • Legs straight
  • Hips down, shoulder stabilized and head back
  • Bring one knee towards your chest at a time without losing form

Plank Combo

  • Hand below shoulders, legs straight
  • Bend knee in and twist to opposite elbow
  • Return to plank
  • Bend other knees in to opposite elbow
  • Return to plank
  • Hips up using core into downdog

Pull up

  • Wide grip palms facing out
  • Bend knees, core active
  • With control, no jerky movements pull your self up by pulling your elbows to yur sides
  • Lower with control

Pelvis and torso ROM

  • Pelvis forward, side, back and side
  • Imagine a clock face on the floor
  • Rotate pelvis around the clock
  • Same with with torso
  • Do both at the same time opposite directions

Posterior Deltoid fly

  • Chest resting on bench
  • Feet on the floor
  • Palms towards one another
  • Pull arms back squeezing the shoulder blades together
Prone leg lift
  • On your stomach .
  • Lift your leg from your glute, opposite side low back, hamstring.
  • Watch rotation.
  • Try and lift leg from glute.



QL stretch

Preparation: (slight difference form photo)

  • Lie on your back knees bent
  • Cross on leg tightly over the other
  • Twist gently


  • Rotate your trunk backwards towards the floor
  • Lead with your shoulder blade
  • Feel a stretch in your side
  • Support leg with pillow to soften into the stretch
  • Breath into you side/back to stretch


Roll up

  • On your back legs extended
  • Hands over shoulders
  • Pull up from core and roll ribs up

Round ligament massage

  • Sitting on a chair legs wide
  • Lean chest forward
  • Massage your lower belly starting at your hip bone moving towards the centre


SI reset

  • On your back one knee bent, heel as close to hip as you can get on the floor.
  • Other leg extended.
  • At the same time pull heel towards hip and press knee forward without letting hip lift off the floor over much.

SI ball stretch

  • Place the ball in by your S1/S2 on one side.
  • Let that knee fall out to the side while you keep your pelvis neutral.
  • Repeat at S3/S4
  • Both sides

Side bend stretch

  • Bend one foot in towards hip, other leg extended
  • Reach arm up overhead
  • Breath into your ribs to stretch

Seated Shoulder Press

  • Sitting your back against the bench
  • Arms in scaption (elbows slightly forward)
  • Press up without using your forearms too much
  • Keep your shoulders stabilized

Straight leg lift

  • On your back leg extended the other knee bent
  • Lift the leg with control to the height of the bent knee
  • Lower with control
Squat Adductor + shoulder Abduction
  • Stand feet wider than shoulder width apart feet turned out
  • Arms bend to 90 degrees
  • Bend knees as you keep pelvis tucked turn knees out
  • As your extend knees lift arms up to 90 degrees alighted with your shoulders (keep hands inline with elbows)
  • Keep core active
Squat + triceps extension
  • Stand feet shoulder width apart
  • Holding weight in a French press ( behind head, elbows forwards)
  • Pull up through core
  • Squat back starting at hips in good form
  • Press up and extend elbows to a straight position overhead
  • Bend elbows back as you squat

Squat to shoulder press

  • Feet shoulder width apart, weighted bar held to the chest
  • Sit hips back in a squat
  • Press up an push onto toes as you lift arms up overhead.
  • Stay firm do not arch back when extended and balance.

Side leg lifts

  • On your side head resting on your arm
  • Point toes and lift both legs up off the floor using your internal obliques
  • Lower back down and repeat
  • Keep legs straight and active through your core

Superman plank


Squat Prep


  • Stand one foot in front of chair


  • Incline trunk slightly forwards HINGE AT HIP
  • Bend knees
  • Lower hips to chair keeping your weight in your heels
  • There should be no pain in your knees
Seated oblique
  • Sitting cross legged on a block
  • Relax hip flexors as to reach one arm along the floor and stretch the opposite overhead.
  • Keep spine neutral
  • Pull up through deep core
  • Move by activating internal oblique
Side breathing on ball
  • Feet against the wall
  • Lean over the ball
  • support your head
  • Breath stretching the space between your ribs and hips
  • Do both sides


TA leg lift + block squeeze

  • On your back spine neutral
  • Active deep core (anus to pubic bone + hold your pee) breath in your upper chest
  • Lift one leg at a time to 90 degrees without rotating pelvis
  • Squeeze block between your knees
  • Hold

Trigger point TFL

  • Place ball below hipbone and slightly out the the side of the body
  • Lie in a recovery position: top leg on the floor, both knees bent

TRX chest press

  • Facing away from anchor point
  • Arms wider than shoulder width
  • Maintain a plank postion as you bend elbow
  • Do not collaps in shoulder or bring hands to shoulders
  • Press back up from chest

TRX posterior delt fly

  • Facing anchor point
  • Palms towards one another
  • Pull arms open keeping arms straight using the back or the shoulder and shoulder blades
  • Think of “opening french doors”


TRX Lat row

  • Facing anchor point Palms towards one another
  • Pull elbows back by pulling shoulder blades together
  • Alternate with low (above) and high, palms down elbow high (not pictured)
  • Do not roll shoulder forwards
  • Hold at the top


TRX Biceps Curl

  • Facing anchor point
  • Palms up arms straight
  • Keep elbows up
  • Pull hands towards shoulders

TRX push up

  • Feet in the handles
  • Hold your body firm in a plank
  • Do not collapse in your low back
  • Hands shoulder width apart in line with your shoulders
  • Keep scapula stabilized and bend elbows down.
  • Do not let your chin reach for the floor

TRX Kneeling Triceps extension


  • Pivot from knees (the further your knees are form the pivot point the more challenging the exercise will be.)
  • Elbows by your ears (bent)
  • Hinge at hip


  • Press into the TRX extending your elbows and your life you torso from hip.
  • DO NOT move your shoulders.

TRX Biceps internal curl

  • Facing anchor point
  • Palms toward one another holding handles
  • Keep shoulder stabilized
  • Rotate forearm around elbow to bring hands to center of the chest
  • DO NOT use your back

TRX Split squat

  • Foot in butterfly strap
  • Press foot into TRX as you straighten leg while squatting with standing leg
  • Weight and balance in glutes

TRX Pike

  • Feet in the TRX
  • Hands in plank position below the shoulders
  • Pull the hips up keeping arms straight rotating in shoulders
  • Only pull hips up as far as you can balance


TRX Handstand

  • Butterfly loop the TRX handles
  • Face wall, bend knee and place dominant foot in the strap.
  • Bring hands to the floor and hop back to bring your hands as close as you can under the shoulder while keeping the leg of the foot in the TRX STRAIGHT.
  • Lift other leg to meet the leg in TRX
  • Hold

To dismount bring leg down, hop back towards the wall and stand up.


Trx Triceps extension

  • Facing away from anchor
  • Elbows up by your ears
  • Do not move through shoulders
  • Extend elbow and pres your self back
  • Keep TRX straps taught

TRX Hamstring

  • On your back heels down in handles
  • Legs straight
  • Push feet down into TRX
  • Maintain control and pull knees towards you

TRX atomic push up

  • In a plank position in TRX
  • Knee tuck and as you move out of movement back to plank
  • Push up
  • Keep core active do not sage in your back
  • Head in line with the rest of your spine

TRX Over head pull

  • Facing anchor point
  • Hips back towards the floor
  • knees as straight as possible
  • Arms in front of you palms down
  • Pull up straight arms to overhead position
  • Try not to use your low back overmuch
  • TRX Iso Biceps Curl
  • Loop the handles
  • Arm out the the side
  • Keep shoulder stabilized (turn in towards your arm slightly)
  • Keep the elbow lifted as you pull hand to shoulder

TRX Kneeling Triceps extension

  • Faing the anchor point
  • Kneeling (the further you are the harder it will be)
  • Bend elbow to ears (light french press form)
  • Without moving shoulders extend your elbow by pressing into the TRX

Triceps Push up


  • Lie on stomach.
  • Hands below shoulders.
  • Engage core, squeeze gluts.


  • Imagine your body is a solid plank of wood.  Push-up onto toes, without saggging.
  • Pause at the top of each push-up to push your shoulders slightly forward.
  • On the way back down, slowly lower “chest reaching the floor first” touch your nose to the floor
  • Knees to the floor, press back up
  • Lift back into full plank when arms are fully extended.


  • Keep hips and back straight.
  • Keep chin tucked.

Triceps Dips Free

  • Start elbows extended, core active, knees bent (but not crosses)
  • Bend elbow without rolling shoulder too forward
  • Extend keep shoulders stabilized

Trigger point ball neck rolling


Trigger point ball rolling

  • Start with the ball at the occiput (where skull meets neck)
  • With light pressure ROLL (do not pull or slide) ball around front of the neck until it sits in the groove right about he collar bone
  • Now roll the ball down to pull on the muscle
  • Pull jaw away slightly

Trigger point Terres

Place the ball where you arm meets your torso at the back of you armpit. Bring your arm to 90 degrees and let the ball soften into your muscles tissue.





  • Sitting on your sit bones
  • Knees bent, spine straight
  • Lean back maintaining alignment


  • Pull your self up using your abs not your hip flexors


windshield wipers

On your back arms out to the side

  • Legs at 90 degress
  • Twist as far as you can without letting your opposite shoulder come off the floor
  • Keep your pelvis lifted to keep it in your core
  • Do not compensate with your neck or back


Yoga combo 1

  • On knees arms up
  • Bring hands to the floor
  • Curl toes under and lift hips to the ceiling
  • Knees back down
  • Back to hight kneeling position
  • Repeat


Lie down after your set


Yoga combo 2

  • Sit legs extended and point and flex your feet
  • Widen legs and rotate ankles both directions
  • Soles of the feet together and gently bat the knees up and down
  • Extend one leg
  • Using a stretching belt reach for the toes to stretch gently