Precontemplation; not yet acknowledging that there is a problem behavior that needs to be changed

In the precontemplation stage, people are not thinking seriously about changing and are not interested in any kind of help. People in this stage tend to defend their current bad habit(s) and do not feel it is a problem. They may be defensive in the face of other people’s efforts to pressure them to quit. They do not focus their attention on quitting and tend not to discuss their bad habit with others. At this stage people just do not yet see themselves as having a problem.

Are you in the precontemplation stage? No, because the fact that you are reading this shows that you are already ready to consider that you may have a problem with one or more bad habits. If you know someone in the precontemplation stage it will take patience; unless a person is willing to acknowledge their bad habits then spend your energy somewhere else; perhaps setting an example yourself by initiating healthier habits and hopefully your changes will inspire other to begin thinking about changing.


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