Did you get active today? Here is a little inspiration….

Today was my first day back at Club Flex teaching classes and there was a moderate turn out, congrats to getting out there. I was also happy to see some of you working on your programs, you deserve a pat on the back too. Are you psyched for the new year, a new opportunity to surprise yourself with how much you can lift? how far you can run? how many burpees you can do?

I have a client who had just injured her leg, the first day of the new year, which will seriously affect her program and the time line for her goals. She is a huge inspiration to me because as opposed to getting upset and giving up (which would be the easy thing to do) she will push through and keep training what she can, and look at it as a great opportunity versus a setback.

If we can tap into ourselves and find that fighting spirit to inspire us to keep going no matter what obstacles big or small that stand in our way, anything is possible. You can and will create your best life, so what motivates and inspires you?



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