Awareness: Hunger vs. craving

Awareness is crucial to understanding ourselves; body, mind, and spirit. If we know and can identify what we feel in our bodies not only can we use it as a tool to support change, but also develop a and internal barometer to help us navigate through life. For example; Initially you becoming aware of a pain in your knee, after some time you realize there is a pattern to the level of pain and life’s activities. You take steps to neutralize the pain though physical therapies and may or may not see improvements. Now lets say you do not see improvements after a period of treatment; perhaps there is more to the knee pain than the physical symptoms would suggest. It may be that you experience knee pain when you have decision to make about life’s direction. Because we do not live in a vacuum, it is most likely to be a combination of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual matters.

I realize this is heavy stuff, and the big picture can be overwhelming.  So for today and the week to come I will discuss awareness, and provide exercises   in bringing it into our lives.

For today we will start with the physical and since resolutions are still the topic ‘du jour’, I wanted to give you some exercises that would not only be useful in address big picture issue, but also helping you to continuing to do good work and maintain your resolitions.

Today let’s look at hunger versus craving and lack of energy versus fatigue. The difference between hunger; my stomach is growling time for some tasty food, and a craving; I want some potato chips, or cookies as it may be, is that hunger arises to fill a physiological need, whereas a craving typically arises out of an emotional need, usually stress. The next time you feel yourself wanting to eat examine where those urges are coming from and bring awareness to your food choices. You will find by bring your attention to the difference you are likely to make healthier food choices.

Tomorrow; lack if energy vs. fatigue.


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