Jade Egg and Yoni Shakti Workshop
Physical and energetic practice for pelvic health and feminine vitality play-shop. Come connect with your deep core and pelvic floor for an evening of movement and meditation for a stable, vibrant pelvis. Learn about various practices to improve your connection to your creative centre. We will explore various modalities to incorporate into pelvic floor stability exercises, and reconnect to the wild feminine within.
Thursday January 18th  6:15-8:45 pm. Please email me to register. Investment $140 GST included. INCLUDES a jade egg to take home.

Elemental Movement Series
Drawing on several modalities and perspectives to allow greater presence and awareness in embodied form. Learn to make sense of your somatic experience and deepen your relationship to your body, self, and soul. Explore movement, breath, and energy for a nourishing and revitalizing present moment. The elemental movement series workshops draw on the importance of rhythm and cycles in our daily lives, and through the lens of the 5 elements explores various aspects structures and forms in the body-self in relation to those cycles.

Air explores breath, its mechanics, its interwoven function in the nervous system, and breath as awareness. Fire explores the deep core, our boundaries and how to recruit the deep core with ease, and engage our strength without compromising ourselves and our movement. Water explores facia and the fluid dynamics of the body, our emotional embodied experience. Earth explores our feet and pelvis and their relationship to gravity, grounding, the ability to be present in the here and now. Space explores the flow of all the elements together as we integrate body, mind, and energy to full express our most radiant selves.
February 15th- March 15th Thursdays 6:15-8:15 pm. Please email me to register. Investment $210 GST included (5 sessions). Drop ins available if series is not sold out.
Reiki Share and Workshop
Two hour immersive energy healing group session. Come learn more about energetic anatomy and get some hands on experience sharing and practicing Reiki on others. Reiki training is a prerequisite. There are a limited number of spaces so please register in advance if you would like to attend.
Saturday April 7th 9-11 am. Please email me to register. Investment $20 GST included.

Reiki Level 1
Level 1 course and attunement includes theoretical and practical energy healing teachings and techniques. Learn about how energy moves and how to direct it in your own life and for others. Topics not limited ot the history of Reiki, energetic anatomy, techniques to further develop your intuition and the procedure for administering a Reiki treatment. Manual, attunement, and healthy homemade lunch included. No previous experience is required.
Saturday May 12th 10-3 pm. Please email me to register. Investment $262.50 GST included.

Reiki Level 2
Further your knowledge of Reiki energy and its application in healing, self and other, and energy work as a spiritual path with this second degree certification. Included are a more in depth exploration of the energetic anatomy and its development,  further expansion of intuitive capabilities, instruction on the sacred symbols and distance healing.Manual, attunement, and healthy homemade lunch included. Reiki Level 1 certification is a prerequisite.
Saturday June 9th 10-3 pm. Please email me to register. Investment $262.50 GST included.