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Violet Quartz Wellness is a boutique studio where we train and teach clients to live an embodied life and move with optimal, efficient, and effective movement. Whether it be for deep core strengthening, muscular tension release, neuromuscular training to high functioning multi jointed sports performance, we show you how to progress and help you transform your movement and training approach across the continuum of fitness no matter where you are currently. We work in a holistic manner incorporating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components of wellness, guiding clients to greater self awareness, and integrated mind-body connection and a balance approach to life and well being.
My mission is to aid and support people in making positive lifestyle changes towards a deeper and meaningful existence through education and empowerment.
My vision is for Violet Quartz Wellness to serve as a leader in health and fitness, offering the highest standard of wellness counselling and lifestyle coaching through multiple modalities including kinesiology, personal training, Reiki, soft tissue release, kinesio taping, nutritional counselling, somatic counselling, and movement literacy classes.
At the forefront of the comprehensive wellness movement, Violet Quartz Wellness provides high quality and complementary holistic services, guiding individuals thorough complete lifestyle transformations with compassion and knowledge, reaching as many people as we can to help make the world a better place, one person at a time.

ERICA is the owner and main service provider at Violet Quartz Wellness. She is in essence an embodiment facilitator. Formally she is a kinesiologist (practicing with the BCAK) with a Specialized Honours BA in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University in Toronto. Erica is also a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Reiki Master and, spiritual teacher and healer. She regularly attends conferences, pursues coursework, and is continuously reviewing the latest research in the field of health, fitness and wellness to ensure she has all the tools she needs to help and support her clients. For a complete educational bio, please click here. She in currently in the process of completing her Somatic Experiencing Practitioner counselling certification.
Erica has been a part of the Squamish community for nine years, and has chosen this beautiful place to live out her lifelong dream while contributing her skills and knowledge to the wellbeing of her fellow residents.
She has many passions in her life which she loves to share with others, including, health, wellness, movement, spiritual practices, culture, and activism. She has chosen to pursue health and wellness because of her own experiences—from being diagnosed with an illness during adolescence to discovering how to achieve and maintain optimal health. She has personally experienced the benefits of proper guidance in the quest for wellness in every aspect of her life. Erica is committed to sharing her knowledge with others, particularly if her assistance can help others empower themselves in finding a deep connection with themselves and joy. She loves her work—and clients will tell you it shows, as she gives 110% whether you’re her first client of the day or her last.
She believes nothing is worth doing unless it brings you joy. We are the creators our of lives—which means that anything is possible, and that all we dare dream is within our grasp. Taking responsibility for our lives and the choices we make is among the first steps to transformation.
Erica brings knowledge, kindness and humour to her work, genuinely connecting with her clients, establishing a relationship of support and encouragement to help them find what motivates them in life. With her positive outlook, she wishes to leave a legacy of empowerment and transformation for those in the Squamish community reaching out for help to live their best lives.
A dancer for twenty-six years, Erica has been practicing Yoga and weight training for over a decade. A great believer in an active lifestyle, she continues to dance as well as ski, hike, and run—anything that gets her moving! You might see her practice her quirky movement flossing movements around town. She has been a Reiki practitioner for fifteen years, and a Master for thirteen. She has participated in group mediations for ten plus years and has been leading guided mediations for as long. As a mom of two beautiful children she can add running around after her little ones to her list of activities, of course with great joy and affection.
Erica’s love of dance and movement is matched by her love of learning. Of the many things that she is, Erica is primarily a seeker of knowledge and truth, on her path to find happiness and share her joy with the world.
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