Hamstring Explorations

  • On your back, lets extended, core active.
  • Press your heeling into a towel
  • Pull your feet and the towels towards you without moving your pelvis.
  • Keep pressing your feet into the floor ad you slide your feet on the towel back to your initial position.
2018 workshop & courses calendar

Elemental Movement Workshops Coming Soon!

Drawing on several modalities and perspectives to allow greater presence and awareness in embodied form. Learn to make sense of your somatic experience and deepen your relationship to your body, self, and soul. Explore movement, breath, and energy for a …


"May your walls know joy; may each room hold laughter, and may every window open to great possibility."

- Mary Ann Radamacher

What is the purpose

What I love about being out in nature, is how it takes us out of ourselves. Our worries and concerns, the minutiae of life. It allows us to connect to something that is greater than us. Regardless of whether you …