Hip Hinge Hamstring Focus


  • Keep spine neutral
  • Forefoot elevated to load hamstrings


  • Stick bum back by bending at the hips
  • Keep your weight forwards, as far as you can with out falling
  • keep your arms forward and relaxed but scapula stable
  • Rise up by pushing hips forwards and using hamstring
  • Move slowly when coming up
  • Do not move from your back
Reiki Share, Reiki Level II

Jade Egg Workshop

Studio Closed

March 10th-20th inclusively, for spring break, enjoy spring and see you on the other side.


"Take your creative dreams. Place them in the deeper current, where your body meets Spirit- and they will become real."

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I will not be teaching classes or taking client appointments over the holidays. I hope you have a wonderful, restful holidays season. Consider your word of the year for the new year in lieu of a resolution, to set the …